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“It’s simple. ,follow what excites you”

Chloe, Co-founder

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Vegetable Crayon

The Vegetable Crayon® is created with the aim of Zero Waste. They are made of rice and vegetables, are vegan, non-toxic, and are safe for use by Children.

Vegetable Crayon® is a registered trademark of Mizuiro.inc, Japan

Koko Remedy

Minimalist skincare Formulate with native bush botanicals & organic ingredients.100% Vegan, small batch, hand crafted in Australia.

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Nature Theory is a trading company providing domestic and international customers the opportunity to access new and existing markets. Our passion is expanding genuinely great products on the  global stage and giving your innovation the attention it deserves.  Let’s see how far we can go together.

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Formulating effective tactics to bring the right products to the right markets. 

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